Who I Am

Alexis Assadi is an investor, entrepreneur and writer. He is the chairman of Assadi Capital Partners, a group of companies that provide equity and debt financing to over small businesses in North America. To date, the firm has funded over 100 ventures in the real estate, health care, financial services and advertising spaces.

Alexis is an advocate for income investing. He believes in purchasing revenue producing assets and building multiple layers of passive income; a strategy he used to become financially free at age 26. He’s a staunch proponent for financial intelligence and considers thorough due diligence as the best way to increase returns while mitigating risk.

Alexis’ blog is read by tens of thousands of people globally. He writes about income investing, securities laws, private placement and exempt market projects, and real estate and mortgage investing. Learn more about Alexis here.

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Income Stocks

Join my monthly email and see what income-producing stocks I’m purchasing. In general, I look for American and Canadian companies that pay monthly revenue to shareholders. They should be, in my opinion, undervalued, high-yielding and poised to perform in an ever-changing market. Available internationally, but focused on North America. Click here for more.

Mentorship Program

Work with me from wherever you are in the world. Let’s build your business, brainstorm ideas and create passive income for you. In some cases, I even joint venture with members. Please note that I accept limited applicants so that I can provide individualized attention. If we can’t work together this year, you will be given priority in the next. Click here for more.