Intermittent Website Outages

This website has encountered some issues in the last couple of weeks. You might have noticed that it has been slow to load or simply shows a blank screen. I’ve had an influx of both traffic and subscribers this year, which has seemingly placed pressure on my systems. I’m working with my service providers to resolve these problems. Sorry for the inconvenience; it’s extremely frustrating.

On a more positive note, I’ve begun to host web classes (link on the top right corner). They are all free, although some are only available to my email subscribers. I’ll add to them continually.

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Alexis Assadi

Alexis Assadi is an investor, entrepreneur and writer, who advocates for making high-performing income investments and the lifelong pursuit of financial intelligence. He is a shareholder and director in three companies that provide funding to small businesses, entrepreneurs and real estate projects. His most recent venture is a firm called Pacific Income LP.

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