Update: New Guide Coming

The last blog post I wrote was on January 1st. If you’re wondering why I haven’t written since then, it’s because I’ve been working on something that I plan to release this week. See the video below for more.

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How to Get the Most from Life in Your 20s

In a few weeks, I will transcend the comfort of my 29th year and enter the unknown: an era commonly referred to as “the 30s.” While age is supposedly just a number, this decade comes with new connotations of adulthood and responsibility. People increasingly get married and have children. They buy homes. They settle down.…

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Goals for this Blog in 2018

Happy new year, everyone! I’m currently in Sydney, Australia, enjoying the hot sun. I decided to leave Vancouver because of how dark and rainy it gets there in January. The bad weather affects my mood a lot. My goal for this blog in 2017 was to be ranked within the top 900,000 Alexa websites. While…

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How to Invest in Marijuana: A Guide to Getting High (profits)

how to invest in marijuana

The marijuana business is budding. You might even say that it’s growing like a weed. There were over $10 billion in legal marijuana sales in 2017, up $3.5 billion from the prior year. And as the profits grow higher, so do investors’ interests in cashing in on this lucrative industry. But while marijuana production and…

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Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In: How to Choose the Best Virtual Coin

which cryptocurrencies to invest in

Deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in is difficult for many reasons. Social media is abuzz with advertisements and we all know at least one virtual coin enthusiast. We would be rich if we bought Bitcoin in 2009! The hype is attractive to even the most disciplined financier. The cryptocurrency world is a cornucopia of impressive…

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Assets That Appreciate in Value: A List of Growth Investments

assets that appreciate in value

This article provides a list of assets that appreciate in value, given the right circumstances. They can be good growth opportunities for investors who seek capital gains. Some perform best during times of economic growth, while others are hedges against declines. It’s important to consider assumptions about the future to anticipate whether you’re making an…

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What Are Cryptocurrency Futures?

Cryptocurrency futures are contracts that are pegged to the value of a given cryptocurrency. They are a means to participate in cryptocurrency price fluctuations without actually buying or mining a virtual coin. For instance, you might invest in a certain coin’s futures if you believe that its price will later appreciate. The first cryptocurrency futures…

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The Best Businesses to Start to Reach Financial Freedom

the best businesses to start to reach financial freedom

Owning a business is one of the crucial tenets to achieving financial freedom. But not all ventures are created equally. Some are more conducive to creating lasting wealth than others. In this article, I’ll explore what kind of business you should start if you want to become financially independent. I’ll then recommend a low-cost idea…

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How to Get Rich in Your 30s: A Guide to Financial Freedom

how to become financially free in your 30s

Summary: This article explores how to get rich in your 30s. It discusses key concepts, like making high-impact investments and building an asset base. It also addresses several of the financial obstacles that adults face in their 30s. “Wow, I’m not that young anymore.” That’s the realization we inevitably have as we enter our 30s.…

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The Best Equity Crowdfunding Sites (and what to know before investing)

crowdfunding sites that offer equity

Many investors search for the best equity crowdfunding sites without a complete understanding of the industry. They are often tantalized by the idea of owning a piece of an exciting startup. Perhaps they’re supporting a cause they believe in or maybe they think it could eventually go public. Indeed, there are many reasons to support…

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