Disclaimer: About Us, This Website and the Mentorship Program

The problem with most disclaimers is that they are difficult to understand. For simplicity, I have written this disclaimer from my perspective, and will reference other companies that I have ownership in or am involved with. This information is important, so please read it. Further, I ask you to not use this website if you are uncomfortable with, disagree with, or don’t fully understand, the following.

Who owns www.AlexisAssadi.net?

This website is owned by Assadi Global Ventures, Inc., which is a corporation within the Assadi Capital Partners group of companies ("ACP"). All of the blog posts are written by me.

What are my professional qualifications?

I have no professional qualifications or designations, and I am not licensed to provide financial advice of any sort. Everything that I say and write is my personal opinion. I am flattered if you consider my views as one part of your due diligence process, but you should not rely on me for your financial decisions. In particular, you should never purchase or sell an investment based on my commentary. If you are interested in what I have to say, I’d suggest discussing it with a licensed professional before acting.

The same applies to Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. and to all other businesses that I have an ownership stake in. None of these companies, nor their directors and shareholders, are licensed to provide financial advice.

If you are considering purchasing the Passive Income Mentorship Program, please scroll down for more information.

What does Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. do?

Beyond owning this website, Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. is a sales agent for various other entities within ACP. It does not own any products. Rather, it sells products that belong to other companies within ACP and is compensated for its services. If you purchase a product through Assadi Global Ventures (such as the Passive Income Mentorship Program [US or Canada] or Subscription), you will be required to give it express permission to pass on your personal information (contact information, credit card details, etc.) to the product owner. You will not be billed or charged by Assadi Global Ventures, Inc., but rather by the product owner. Please note that if you purchase the mentorship program online, you will be directed here afterwards.

As well, there are some affiliate links on this website. The affiliate accounts are either owned by Assadi Global Ventures or by other entities within ACP. Assadi Global Ventures is compensated for hosting affiliate links for other ACP entities.

What contact information is collected on this website?

If you subscribe through any of the "opt-in" areas, request to be contacted from my web-classes, or download any material, email me directly, or give me permission to provide you with our downloadable material, or access the downloadable material, you are consenting to receive email and/or telephone correspondences from Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. and its affiliates.

You can opt out of correspondences at any time. If you don't wish to receive emails any longer, simply click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any of those emails. If you don't wish to receive phone calls from Assadi Global Ventures, Inc., simply inform us by emailing info@alexisassadi.net. We aren’t in the business of pestering people!

Do I or any entity within Assadi Capital Partners recommend, sell, solicit interest for or promote investments?

No. We invest into deals with our own capital and will never ask you for yours.

Whose opinions are expressed on this website?

All of the views on this website are mine, alone. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my family, business partners or entities that I have an ownership stake in.

You may also be aware that 1077151 BC LTD, of which I am a Director, purchased Fast Track to Cash Flow, Inc. in May of 2016. Prior to that date I served as CEO to various related corporations (the “Related Entities”). I specifically underscore that the content on this website does not reflect the views of the shareholder(s), director(s), officers or employees of the Related Entities, or of the former owner and director of Fast Track to Cash Flow, Inc.

Moreover, prior to May 2016 I from time to time provided consulting services for the group of St. Albert-based trusts, known as the FT Capital Group of Funds. While I never had a management or authoritative role in those funds (which are wholly controlled by their trustees), it is still prudent to note that the content on this website have not and do not represent the views of the funds, their trustees, unitholders, auditors, lawyers and partners.

What is our refund policy for the Passive Income Mentorship Program?

The Passive Income Mentorship Program (formerly called Passive Income Investment Case Study Course) is hosted on www.AlexisAssadi.net. The refund policy follows.

Refund policy for purchases prior to October 6th 2016

110% of your money will be refunded if you can demonstrate that you tried to use the content from the Case Study to make an investment, and found no value in it.

There have been a few occasions where people purchased the course, downloaded the material to their computer and then requested a refund a few minutes after logging in for the first time. In our minds, that's called stealing.

To avoid such cases, the refund is only available if you can demonstrate that you attempted to use the material therein.

Refund policy for purchases made after October 6th 2016

We believe it is only fair for a refund to be provided after this product has been used. For example, one cannot purchase the course, never use it and then request their money back. The refund rate is less than 0.1%, so we know that this product is of high quality. Therefore, to receive a refund (which is 110% of what you paid), you must do three things:

First, you must have submitted at least one question in the “Videos” portion of the course.

Second, you must have requested and used your 30-minute phone call with Alexis.

Third, you must demonstrate that you attempted to make a private investment using the material provided in the course – and that it was not helpful. Refunds will not be accepted after 6 months from the date of your purchase.

Please note that this course is not a membership. As such, while you may purchase it via payment plan, the payments must be completed in full (unless you qualify for a refund). The foregoing is disclosed to you verbally prior to your purchase and is confirmed in writing via email after your purchase. If any part of the confirmation email deviates from what was said to you over the phone, please inform us within 24 hours by emailing info@alexisassadi.net.

Note: the final sentence of the foregoing paragraph was added to our sales process and confirmation email on November 3rd 2016.

Refund and payment policy for purchases made after December 8th 2016

  1. Refunds will be accepted until 6 months after the purchase date.
  2. To receive a refund, you must submit one question inside the "Videos" section of the course. You must also have one phone consultation call with Alexis Assadi. Upon completion of those two activities, you will be refunded 110% of what you paid for the course. Refunds will be paid by cheque and will be delivered to you within 30 days.
  3. Payment plans are available. However, you acknowledge that the Case Study/Passive Income Course is a course, not a membership or subscription, and that payment must be completed in full. Payment plans will not be cancelled unless you qualify for a refund.
  4. If you purchased the course through a sales representative on the phone, she/he will send you a confirmation email to recap your conversation. The email will include important details that you agreed to, including any discussions about a payment plan. If the email does not reflect what you agreed to, please email info@alexisassadi.net within 24 hours of your receipt of that confirmation email. Your purchase will be refunded.

Please note that in most cases, all of this information will be provided to you via email before you purchase the course.

Passive Income Mentorship Program: Advice and Recommendations

In most jurisdictions around the world, providing investment advice or financial management is a regulated practice. You need to undergo various educational requirements and licensing tests, and must ultimately be registered with the appropriate regulatory authority. Further, providing advice and making recommendations is generally done with a full understanding of the client’s financial situation (age, net worth, risk tolerance, assets and liabilities, tax position, etc.).

Neither I, nor, Assadi Global Ventures, Inc., its shareholders and related entities, nor staff, are licensed to provide such advice. I am businessman who learned mostly through trial-and-error and self-study. In some cases, I have done quite well with investing. In others, I have lost money. Such is the plight of the entrepreneur.

Even if licensing wasn’t an issue, it would be inappropriate for me to recommend an investment based on a brief email, phone call or message that you might send me. I simply don’t know enough about your personal situation to make a good suggestion. Even a potentially extremely lucrative investment might not be suitable for some people. For example, there could be currency or tax implications that I’m unaware of, or it might not suit your liquidity preferences.

When I provide commentary on investments, money management and securities, I am giving you my personal and unprofessional opinion. I am explaining what I would do, or am doing, or have done, and am not recommending that you do the same. You are obviously free to act as you please, but you should not base any of your decisions on what I say or write. Rather, use them as part of your due diligence. You might even approach a licensed advisor and say, “Hey, Alexis Assadi talked about this or that investment, do you think it’s right for me?” But, please remember that what I do for myself might not be appropriate for you.

This program is called a “Mentorship Program” because I provide opinions on a range of business, entrepreneurship and life questions. Having a mentor was helpful for me and I want to give the same experience to others. But the securities industry is highly regulated and I can’t cross the line.

Terms and Conditions of Your Purchase and Use of the Passive Income Mentorship Program

Upon making your first payment for the Passive Income Mentorship Program, formerly known as the Passive Income Investment Case Study Course (the “Course”), you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. The price of the Course is USD$1,500 + tax. In some instances, Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. may offer a discount, although the Course price shall never fall below USD$500 + tax.
  2. Payment for the Course can be made in monthly instalments. These do not constitute a subscription or membership dues, and will not be cancelled unless you follow the Refund Policy (disclosed above). Unless you follow the Refund Policy, payment for the Course must be completed in full. The payment plan you agreed to is disclosed in a purchase confirmation email, usually titled “Thank You for Your Purchase.”
  3. Payments for the Course shall be made to the Owner of the Course (the “Owner”), and not to Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. The Owner has the ability to process payments via credit card, through the use of its Merchant Account. You agree to follow the Refund Policy if you do not want to complete payment for the Course, or if you believe that you didn’t find enough value from it. You acknowledge that credit card chargebacks and disputes made to the credit card issuer can cause significant financial harm to the Owner, because it can cause the Merchant to terminate its agreement with the Owner and end its ability to process credit card payments. You agree to not attempt to dispute credit card charges with your bank or card issuer, or to attempt to cause the bank or card issuer to “charge back” payments.
  4. You are not eligible for a refund after 6 months from your first payment for the Course. For example, if you made the first payment on December 10th 2016, you have up until June 10th 2017 to use the refund policy. After 6 months, payment plans will not be cancelled and refunds will not be made. If you purchased after April 24 2017, the refund period expires after 3 months.
  5. If you do not log into the Course website for several weeks, your password might expire and would need to be reset. Expired passwords do not constitute a damaged product or incomplete service. You agree to email any of the Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. representatives for help with issues of this nature, or to email info@alexisassadi.net. You will receive your login information by the next business day.
  6. Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. takes reasonable steps to ensure that you make an informed buying decision. For example, if you purchased the Course over the telephone with a sales representative after December 8th 2016, you will probably have received an email several hours (or days) in advance of your purchase with written information about the Course, which includes details about pricing, refunds and cancellations. All of that information is also available on this website. After the purchase, you will have received a confirmation email which recaps your discussion with the sales representative. If anything in that confirmation deviates from your discussion with the representative, you will have 24 hours to cancel your purchase by emailing info@alexisassadi.net. Although we take these steps for our mutual protection and benefit, it is your responsibility to read correspondences sent by Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. and to take advantage of the material and services provided by the Course.
  7. Any legal actions in connection with your purchase of the Course will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  8. Course material and the usage of the Course are subject to these and other terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time. These terms and conditions are available on this webpage. 

These terms and conditions were last updated on January 3, 2017.

Policy for the Monthly Income Stock Email

The Monthly Income Stock Email is sent to subscribers on the first day of each month. It contains a list of income producing stocks that I am either buying, selling or considering for my own portfolio. Refunds are not available.