Resources and Recommendations

One of the challenges that aspiring investors and entrepreneurs face is that they don't have a lot of connections. In my debut book, Rich At 26, I explained how my first (and last) job helped bolster me into financial freedom because I was surrounded by like-minded people there.

Each day I receive emails asking for various wealth-building recommendations: people, services and products, etc. Rather than writing the same response repeatedly, I decided to lay out some of the most useful resources I'm aware of on this page.

I've used (and still do) just about everything listed below. Any product or service that I haven't tried is offered by business partners with whom I've worked with for years and have met with in person on multiple occasions.

The following recommendations are divided into these categories:

  • Real Estate
  • Stock Market Investing
  • Legal Advice and Business Set-Up
  • Websites, Blogs and Site Management

Real Estate is an online platform that connects investors with real estate opportunities. Each deal is vetted by experts and can give everyday investors access to lucrative commercial and residential ventures from the comfort of their laptop. You can visit here. (video training)

KenFlix is an online real estate video training portal, offered by Ken McElroy. Ken is a real estate mogul, who owns and manages over 5,000 apartment units across Texas, Arizona, Oregon and more. In my opinion, he is the most qualified expert on multi-family residential property investment and management in the world. You can visit KenFlix here.

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing (book)

This is my favorite real estate investing book, written by Ken McElroy. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing discusses how Ken identifies undervalued properties and works to transform them into profitable assets. It's a must-ready. The book is available here.

Stock Market Investing and (due diligence websites)

MorningStar and Google Finance are my preferred stock research platforms. They provide in-depth analyses and financial reporting, including important ratios like Price/Earnings and Price/Book values. I use these websites as part of my due diligence for any publicly-traded security.

30-Day Cash Flow Blueprint (online course)

Andy Tanner is Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki's paper asset advisor. His course is designed to show investors how to create income through options trading. Discover how to invest small amounts of capital to generate cash flow within 30 days. Learn more here.

Stock Market Cash Flow (book)

In a similar vein as the above course, Andy Tanner shows investors how they can create income in the stock market through options trading. Buy it here.

401(k)os (book)

Billions of dollars were erased from the global economy in the wake of the 2008 recession. Andy Tanner discusses what Wall Street bankers have done to threaten your wealth and how you can protect yourself from them. 401(k)os is available as a free download here.

The Intelligent Investor (book)

Benjamin Graham's book is an investor's classic. Billionaire Warren Buffet credits it as the best literature on the subject of value investing: the practice of buying undervalued companies. It is highly recommended for buy-and-hold investors. Purchase it here.

Legal Advice and Business Set-Up

Angus Y.M. Cheung (Canadian lawyer)

Angus Cheung sits on the board of Assadi Global Ventures, Inc. and is a trusted lawyer. He is highly recommended for commercial and real estate transactions, and advises small business owners about structuring their affairs through corporations and partnerships, etc. Angus can be contacted by phone at (780) 482-3291 or via email at

Law Depot (legal documents, contracts and templates) has helped over 2 million users from around the world to create inexpensive legal contracts, such as loan agreements, promissory notes, bills of sales, rent/lease agreements, wills, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, partnership agreements, incorporation agreements and prenuptial agreements, etc. I have used Law Depot's services on multiple occasions and highly recommend their services to small business owners. You can visit their website here.

Start Your Own Corporation (book)

Garrett Sutton is a respected attorney in the United States. His book discusses how entrepreneurs can protect their businesses and their wealth in an increasingly litigious world through the use of corporations. Buy it here.

Create a Corporation in the USA (service)

Garrett Sutton, the lawyer discussed above, helps business owners and investors form corporations in the United States through his company, Corporate Direct. You can use this link to save $100 if you hire Corporate Direct to incorporate your business.

Writing Winning Business Plans (book)

Garrett Sutton teaches his readers how to write business plans that can help attract investors and provide a clear direction for growth to new companies. Buy it here.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer (free podcast)

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is a podcast held on Legal Talk Network. It covers a broad range of legal issues, including in the employment, environment, technology, intellectual property and civil rights spaces. Visit the website here.

Websites, blogs and site management

InfusionSoft (email marketing/client management/automation)

InfusionSoft is an extensive client management application that helps businesses automate their email marketing and administrative procedures, including accepting payment from customers via credit card. It's an incredible tool for companies that intend to grow into medium-sized ventures and beyond. I use InfusionSoft for one of my larger companies. For my smaller ones, I used MailChimp (discussed below). InfusionSoft has an interesting small business automation guide that you can download here for free. You can also visit their website here.

Bluehost (website hosting) is hosted by Bluehost. I have used the services of its competitors and prefer the simplicity of use and reliability of this company. Bluehost's customer service is great. I recommend this them to any entrepreneur who needs website hosting. Visit Bluehost here.

OptimizePress (website and blog platform)'s website platform is created through OptimizePress. It's sleek, simple and easy to use. Importantly, it can build effective sales pages. OptimizePress is inexpensive and worth every penny. Visit their site here.

Thrive Leads (lead capture tool)

Thrive Leads is a lead capture platform and it used on this website. It's easily integrated with automation systems, including Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, AWeber and Constant Contact. Learn more here.

MailChimp (email marketing)

MailChimp is my recommended email marketing system for a small business. It's affordable and its automation ability is seamless. I also find its tracking and reporting systems to be useful. Visit MailChimp's website here.

Selz (sell online products) is the payment/automation system used on It's perfect for selling and/or giving away online products and services (ebooks, courses, white papers, etc.). After payment, the customer automatically receives the download, making it a hands-off experience for the seller. Selz is also compatible with various internet marketing services, so customers simultaneously subscribe to your list after making their purchase. Selz's website is here.

Disclaimer: as mentioned above, I have used about all of the products and services discussed on this page. In cases where I haven't, I know the seller personally and have heard rave reviews. Some (not all) of the products and services pay commissions and referral fees. However, none of my recommendations are based on economic benefits. I simply choose to include affiliate links because they are available - wouldn't you?